About Campaign4Ukraine

For the past 25 years since Ukraine has gained its independence, Jewish life has been flourishing.

Thousands of children have gone to Camp Shuva each summer and have enjoyed fun summer activities and Jewish learning.

However, due to the political unrest during the past several months, the Jewish people have been living in fear and the Jewish communities have been drained financially due to high costs of security and a collapse of the economy.


UJCEEA has taken on a new initiative Campaign4Ukraine to raise money to send 360 Jewish Ukrainian children to an otherwise cancelled Camp Shuva this summer.

There will be 3 sessions of 20 days each costing $40 a day per camper.

Our goal is to raise $288,000 to send these children to camp where they can have a safe, fun and rewarding summer full of spiritual growth and friendship!

About Campaign For Ukraign
We are searching for 30 team captains who will recruit 9 of their friends
to complete their team of 10 and work together in raising $10,000
to send these children to camp.
Each team member will create a personalized fundraising profile page through our website and will be able to email their family and friends asking for their help and support.
About Campaign For Ukraign
About Campaign For Ukraign
Each of the 10 team members only needs to raise $1,000!
That's just 25 gifts of $40 or 10 gifts of $100

Together, we can enrich the lives of these children and give them the summer they need and deserve.
Join now as a team captain, team member, or even as an individual.
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The mission of UJCEAA is to restore, rebuild and enhance Jewish life in Eastern Europe. With a focus on children and young adults, we strive to connect Jewish souls to their heritage through both formal and informal education. We are committed to supporting the most vulnerable amongst us, primarily the elderly and children living in poverty. We envision a future where one generation can provide for the next in a community guided by the values and spirit of Judaism.
Anti-Semitism and assimilation have once again become a critical problem for Jews in the FSU. In Ukraine and the FSU overall, a strong sense of fear prevails from this growing danger. This fear naturally lends itself to the growing assimilation rate. UJCEEA's overall services and supports have become an inherent tool for addressing this issue. Through Rabbi Bleich, UJCEEA is the official representation of the Ukrainian Jewish community to the government of Ukraine, other Eastern European countries, and to international Jewish bodies such as the World Jewish Congress and the European Jewish Congress.

UJCEEA supports the Jewish community throughout Ukraine directly and has the privilege of supporting European Jewish life (Education, poverty relief, Jewish Identity via summer camp, school systems and Holocaust survivor support systems etc.) with our partner organizations such as the Shema Yisroel summer camp network and Tikva Childrens homes.

UJCEEA is dedicated to providing vital life services, education and support to the Jewish Community. Due to ongoing and increased requests for human services, educational and support programs in conjunction with the declining political and economic condition, UJCEEA seeks both monetary and product support for its operation.


UJCEEA's long term goal is to build an endowment to ensure the future while continuing to add programs supporting Jewish life across Eastern Europe at all levels. It is our hope that the global Jewish Community will take more notice of this growing need and provide the support that will underscore the restoration of the Eastern European Jewish Community.

For more information please visit our website